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Business Law

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Essay Preview: Business Law

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Law is the set of rules that regulates the social conduct and enforced by sanction.

* What is the necessity of law?

_Without law the society will go through a state of chaos.

_balance between the individual's liberty and the rights of society.

* Classification of law:

_ public law.

_ private law.

* Public law: regulates the public figures.

_constitutional law:it set the broad line in which the government will follow.

_criminal law:due to the effect of the cime in society.

_administrative law: regulates all public institutions.

_tax law: the way of collecting taxes.

_ public international law: regulates the relationship between states.

* Private law: regulates private figures.

1_ civil law : regulates the relation of ordinary citizens..

2- commercial and maritime law: commercial regulates the trade in general , maritime regulates the trade in sea.

3_ labor law:regulates the relationship between labors and employers.

4_law of civil and commercial procedures: organize the court and the methods of execution of judgments.

5_ private internationallaw : regulates on individual cases.

* Characteristics of law:

1. rules of law are general.

2. Rules of law are social.

3. Rules of law are enforced by sanction.

1. Rules of law are general: law applied in all cases and to all people.

2. Rules of law are social: regulates all individual's behavior and it deals with behavior.

3. Rules of law are forced by sanction:people are enforced to obey law and if they not obeying the will enforced by punishment because without punishment no one will obey law.

* Characeteristics of sanction:

1. Sanctions made by the law are punishments.

2. Penality inposed.

3. The government is the only who applied law and sanctions.

* Law,morality and religion:

Common between law, morality and religion

They all control individual's behavior in order to regulate society.

Difference between law, morality and religion

1. Law is an external actions of people.

2. Morality and religion are external and internal thoughts and beliefs of people.



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