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Cacharel Perfumes

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Essay Preview: Cacharel Perfumes

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Parfums Cacharel

Company History

  • Founded as a clothing brand in 1962

  • In 1975 L’Oreal group acquired the fragrance brand of Cacharel as got separated as Parfums Cacherel

  • Initial Plan: To design, package and sell products which could sit along side luxury brands but which were accessibly priced and distributed through traditional channels

Anais Anais

  • Anais Anais : First perfume launched in 1978- fresh floral frangrance- tender and sexy

  • Focus on packaging – Opaque bottle with an original and eye catching design

  • Distinctive Advertising:  First companies to use television to launch perfume brand

  • Pricing and distribution: 30% below the classic brands, Initially distributed through to mid range outlets and moved to department stores and specialist stores

  • Became the leading perfume in Europe


  • Launched in 1987

  • Combined tenderness with seduction

  • Jazzy and energetic but still retained certain sophisticated charm

  • Packaging focused on mixed innocence and sensuality

  • Pricing: Priced higher than Anais Anais but 20-25 % lower than the luxury brands

  • Focus on advertising

  • By the end of 1980s became the market leader

Eden and CK one Challenge

  • In 1994 CK One was the first Clavin Klein product

  • Featured uninhibited models oblivious to the world and engaged in many activities from huddling to gyrating

  • Global sales grew by 1000% in 1994-1998 period

  • Eden: Launched in 1998, launched as “forbidden fragrance” – Connotations of eroticism

  • Pricing: Highers prices compared to previous products

  • Advertising : Focus on couples involved in mating rituals

Decline : 1994-97

  • Slow decline in sales

  • Company responded to this through the promotional route

  • Gift products to generate interest like bath towels and other support items

  • These activities pushed the costs too high and to cover this media spending was reduced

  • Brand Identity started to loose

Case Problem

  • Brand identity of Cacheral is not established and marketing mix has not been effectively carried out to communicate the same

  • Other issues:

  • Fundamental problem : Branding Mistake

  • Other Problems: Timing of the product launch, lack of funds for promotion, focus on the competition rather than the customer





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