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Café Tribu E-Menu

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A Capstone Project Presented to the Faculty

of Senior High School Department

 AMA Computer College-Lipa

In Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements in Research 122 under the

Information and Communication Technology Strand

Desuyo,Grace B.

Dupaya,Geoffrey G.

Lacerna,Marc Leovin D.

Laja,Kenshin Nathanael B.

Pose,Gweyneth Estelle A.

Villaruel,Carmina L.

April 2019


The Problem and It’s Background

        This chapter presents the introduction, background of the study, general problem of the study, and the solution which is the objective of the study, scope and limitation and the significance of the study.


        To the ever growing food and hospitality industry in the Philippines today, the emerging chaos between restaurants, food shops, and cafeterias take place. The increase in sale revenue and sale and customer satisfaction, in which seems to be head runner basis to build a solid brand and establish a firm kiosk or large facility restaurants or cafés.

        Ascertaining the simple fact that rendering prompt, and high class service to the customers is the toughest task most in-demanding service for hospitality sector which is readily that matters, this gives a great way for the harmonic convergence between digital technology, food and hospitality industries to settle down. The technology platform used today is industry leading solutions that enable restaurants and cafés to develop and streamline their markets across all throughout. This conceived the solutions that built for quick service and fast ordering process.

        The Web Based Electronic Menu, capable of improving overall efficiency of the Café Tribu business and brings café service to the next level, is an interactive electronic ordering system, a web-based electronic menu is flexible, yet and simple and handy self-ordering. This is a customer and staff friendly portal interface a combined media and ordering process together integrated to form a powerful menu management web-based program. According to Radice (1992) and Karshaw’s (2009), the menu is considered as primary marketing and sales tools by directing and increasing restaurant. The web-based menu can help accommodate and solution the customer’s compromising needs on the fastest pace for easier understanding of the flow of transactions between the customers and the staffs.

        The day of that monotonous theme of paper menu are gone with the web-based menu. As nowadays every restaurant is replacing printed posters to digital and electronic menu boards, this is the begging of the one-click up table. The customer can order without the hassle of calling the waiter and waiting for him to arrive or even to stand on a line. They can check the menu through their mobile devices through the use of built-web-based menu that are connected to the admin and order right away. Today, smart phone is nit luxury, but necessity. Everything can be done through smart phones, introducing a web-based menu in café can save east.  A business sustained and gets success only when the customers stay amused. An e-menu will keep them amused and also avail convenience to them, right at their fingertips head-turning change. According to Banerjee (2018), with the digital menu the risk of manual mistakes are reduces, it is time saving and prevent instances of fraudulent entries. While website themselves may not exactly new technologies, the way in which they are used in changing. 

Background of the Study

        The owner Ms. Joy J. Pueyo and the co-owners Mrs. Anaflor Braga and Ms. Rosemarie Corales franchised a business last September 8, 2017. This is located at The Courtyard of Big Ben Complex and is now the Café Tribu. They have four employees and they are open from 10am to 9pm.

        The Café Tribu has a space devoted to offer pastries, food, coffee, and teas. There is an outdoor patio for customers to enjoy their beverage or food along with free-wifi. This is a coffee shop where you can chill and eat out with your friends and loved ones.



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