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Calligraphy of Tang & Ming Dynasty

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Essay Preview: Calligraphy of Tang & Ming Dynasty

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Calligraphy of Tang - 1449

This piece of work has struck me while slowly browsing through the exhibition. The painter Yunming is also known as “Xizhe” and is a native of Wuxian. I was stunned by the smooth corners and the strong strokes of paint. This calligraphy appears to me very special because I can clearly see the visible movement of the painter. Yunming must have been emotionally connected with what he has been doing and clearly been very passionate about that. Although I am unable to define the meaning of the character it has been very special to me. In this painting I can see three similar looking strokes however all appear in different sizes. Above the strokes are two additional, thick, visible strokes which help to express a special tone of the painting.

Ming Dynasty- 1423

Similar to Calligraphy of Tang, my emotions could identify with this painting. In contrast with the art work before this one appears now with more generosity of expression. The strokes are not anymore as detailed orientated as before but now provide the feeling of more freedom. Interesting to note is how the the characters differ from each other. On the very left of the artwork someone can see that the movements are still very organized however as further right you move the more out of control the strokes appear. The movements just got differently which may be associated with the inner feeling of Yunming. It must be questioned if he performed the movements right after another or if he had a break in between and then restarted to take up his brush. Anyway this painting has given me the feeling of excitement to explore more about Yunming his life and what his personal emotions were while painting the characters.          



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