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Carbon and Oxygen

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carbon and oxygen play a important role in steel making. Carbon added in the steel for hardness on the other hand oxygen removed intentionally. If oxygen will be on higher side blow hole will form after casting. If we consider only carbon and oxygen in iron without any ferro alloys. At carbon 0.10% oxygen will be around 250 ppm. It will increase as carbon decrease. If we are making low carbon steel then we deoxidise with ferro alloys. According to sieverts law when the partial pressure become low the solubility of gases become low. On this principal vaccum degassing done and oxygen and another gases become low. Carbon addition is also very important. As carbon also act as deoxidiser. Oxygen dissolve in the iron in the form of iron oxide and when carbon react with iron oxide iron free and carbon monoxide form. Carbon monoxide evolve as it is gase and no inclusion form. On the other hand if we use ferro alloys inclusion form and remain in the steel. To remove these inclusions we need time n source. To remove inclsion we use argon purging. If we another gase it will react with iron n alloys present in it. Argon is noble gase and it is non reactive. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. There is lots of mathematical form also. In furnace we use celox tips to mdasure the oxygen. It is related with temp. And emf. Then according to emf it shows the oxygen and carbon. As already stated that carbon and oxygen related with each other. The solubility of carbon in iron is 6.7% in steel it is 2.11% above it will be cast iron.



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