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Cash Management and Trade Finance (for Banks)

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Essay Preview: Cash Management and Trade Finance (for Banks)

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Cash Management and trade finance (for banks)

Credit risk managment

Global Transaction Banking, Trade Finance

Forex (Derivatves)

Credit Risk (Factors to be considered before analysing )

Careers in banking

will Yuan be next global currency?

Eoro crisis : Impact for growth of india.

Cash Management and trade finance in banking sector

Fighter brand success depends on more than initially matching the price and value of your intended enemy; you must also achieve those goals

while attaining a sustainable level of profits. Unfortunately, such profits can prove elusive for organizations accustomed to higher price points

and more generous operating models. Suddenly, they find themselves competing in the low-price sector against brands that probably originated

there and that have evolved an operating model well suited to it. To meet that challenge a premium organization may have to strip back a fighter

brand's cost structure and alter its traditional definition of what constitutes strategic success.

For managers at 3M who set about creating a lower-price version of Post-it Notes called Highland, this meant using a lower-grade adhesive,

offering the new product in limited formats, and completely forgoing trade promotions. As one 3M executive put it, the overriding objective for

the fighter brand was to ensure that "if consumers did use Highland, none would have a complaint." Highland's basic quality and timid goal of

avoiding disappointment may seem surprisingly at odds with 3M's reputation for innovation but achieved two key objectives. First, they ensured

that Highland did not cannibalize Post-it Notes' sales. Second, they enabled Highland to be profitable despite its much lower price, which has

allowed 3M to keep the product in the company's portfolio long after seeing off its cheaper rivals.


Company: General Motors

Launched by GM in 1990, saturn was everything a fighter brand should be--except a money maker. It made annual operating profit just once.



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