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Cattleya Paper Products Brand Positioning

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Essay Preview: Cattleya Paper Products Brand Positioning

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I. Brand Positioning Statement

1. Target Market

A.) The Cattleya brand name of notebooks and paper products mainly targets students and young professionals. Although its look and color schemes, as well as its logo can make it seem to be a little more appealing to its female customer base, it certainly aims to include both genders in its target market in terms of quality, durability, and the purposes its products serve. Being a paper product, it is generally affordable by all, but its cost compared to other paper products makes it more appealing to customers who are financially flexible and those who are concerned with paper quality and appearances. Being a relatively old and trusted brand, it also appeals to those who are traditional.

B.) The need for a dependable, durable and consistent range of paper products with high quality and reasonable prices.

2. Frame of Reference

A.) Cattleya competes in the paper products market, especially in the notebook category. It has recently released intermediate pad papers under its brand name.

3. Compelling Benefits

A.) It solves the need for a paper brand that is reasonably priced but high quality, and is consistent in the development of its products.

B.) It produces a vast array of high quality paper products that are durable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. The diversity of its notebooks in terms of kind and design allows its customers to find the perfect notebook for whatever preference they may have or whatever purpose they may need it for. It has a tried and trusted brand name.

C.) Cattleya paper products are developed with high quality pulp and an attention to aesthetics and detail in both the processing and packaging. Its notebooks come in different kinds, colors, and sizes - (spring bound, string bound), and have variants serving specific purposes (binder notebooks math notebooks). Soft-cover paper notebooks come with their own durable plastic covers. Its main distribution channel is through National Bookstore - the most trusted and sought-after bookstore in the country. It has been a trusted brand over the years, proving its consistent quality and dependability.

D.) Compared to other paper brands like Best Buy or Green Apple, it has been more consistent in the development of its quality and the cleanliness of the paper. Cattleya is the only brand that produces multi-colored intermediate pad papers. It has the widest range of paper products compared to other brands and is also the most diverse and creative in terms of product design and aesthetics.

4. Reason to Believe

A.) Cattleya uses high quality pulp and



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