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Causes of Happiness at Work

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Essay Preview: Causes of Happiness at Work

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Although I have never worked, but I think that 3 main causes which lead to happiness at work are

environment, attitude and job type.

The first cause of being happy at work is environment. The environment of work can include many

factors. For example, colleagues who are working around have big effects to workers. Workers will

always feel comfortable and happy when they work with the coworkers who are kind, openhearted and

humorous. Furthermore, those colleagues can easily help the workers at work or even at their life,

whenever they have problems that are difficult to solve. In addition, those kinds of coworkers always

make the working time become very joyful by telling funny stories or making jokes. Another factor of

the work environment is the features of work place. Workers always feel happy if they work in the best

condition that has every necessary thing for their work. Also, that condition satisfies all the needs of a

person. For example, all office workers will absolutely feel happy if they work in a modern and large

office rooms which has full of equipments and nice decoration.

The second cause that makes happiness at work is attitude. Workers who have good attitudes will

work more effective than others. Therefore, they will be rewarded by their bosses and congratulated by

their coworkers. No worker feels unhappy if they are in those kinds of situations. In addition, having a

positive attitude can be shown by good communication with other people at work. If workers have good

relationships with their coworkers, they will feel happy when working around them.



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