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Channing Tatum

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Channing Tatum uses his Skeletal System and his Muscular System to move his body as he dances. When those two work together the muscles tighten and loosen to make his arms and legs move so that he can dance. If his one of his bones broke in his skeletal system then eh would not be able to dance because that would stop him from moving. If one of his muscles stopped working he also wouldn't be able to dance with that arm or leg because it wouldn't be functional and he wouldn't be able to move it around.

He uses his Respiratory System and his Cardiovascular System to take breathes and move blood through his body. When he dances he needs his respiratory system to be able to breathe to cool off his body. If he respiratory system didn't work then he wouldn't be able to dance as long because of the lack of breathe. If his cardiovascular system didn't work right he wouldn't be able to dance because it might make his heart rate to high and he might have to be rushed to the emergency room. They work together to move oxygen through the body to where it needs to go

Channing uses his Immune System and his Nervous System. When he gets sick his Immune System helps him fight off bad diseases and bacteria that might be inside of him and his Nervous System helps him feel when he touches something or when something hurts. These two work together because if he was sick, for instance he has a headache his nervous system tells him he has a headache while the immune system tries to fight it off so that he can go back to doing his job faster. Without his immune system sicknesses would take over the body and you would easily die. Without the nervous system you wouldn't feel hurt so if he fell while he was dancing he wouldn't feel anything which might hurt someone because you might have a concussion if you are dancing and you fall of your head you wouldn't know because it wouldn't affect you and you wouldn't feel it which is bad because you need to be at the doctor getting better.



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