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Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins

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Sound is created is by applying pressure from your lungs to make the reed vibrate. The first step is to put you bottom lip over your bottom teeth, your top teeth over the top of the mouthpiece, seal your lips and to blow into the mouthpiece, without biting down on it, with a consistent amount of air while making a ‘too’ sound. Breathe from your diaphragm to ensure that your cheeks do not puff up and you are using a proper technique that will not hurt you. The key elements of a good sound are proper breath support and good embouchure.

Charlie Parker was known to be the best saxophonist, most troubled jazz musicians had ever known. He was born in 1920 and unfortunately only lived until he was the age of 34 years old. This was due to a result of complications with his liver cirrhosis. Despite the fact that Charlie was dealing with an important heroin addiction, he managed to produce revolutionary music brought happiness and joy to families as a result of the skilled musician. Parker’s musical talent and style drew Latin and blues influences that can be replicated to this very date in the genre of modern jazz.

Sonny Rollins is one of the most talented and influential jazz musicians still alive today at 87. The sound that Rollins produced through his saxophone are still fresh and relevant in the present day, especially with some of his earlier compositions growing up. He is an impeccable musician with the natural talent of being a saxophonist. Sonny Rollins was one of the first jazz musicians to let his saxophone do the talking, without using another instrument such as piano to create a melody. This led the path for several talented saxophonists after him. Rollins ended up recording his bluesy sound album entitled 'Saxophone Colossus' in his mid thirties.



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