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Charlottesville Riot

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Essay Preview: Charlottesville Riot

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The Charlottesville riot happened August 12 when a protest was broken out in Charlottesville Virginia due to the decision to bring down the statue of General Robert E Lee that was once apart of the confederate party. The rally was called “Unite the Right” and it attracted a very tranquil white nationalist group of protesters. The protest ended in a very cruel way when a man apart the opposing party plunged his car into the crowd of protesters and killed one 32 year old female and injuring 19 others and 15 additional injuries that we’re about the planned riot. Now protesters are trying to blame police enforcement for the attack by the 20 year old male.

President Donald Trump's reaction was not what everyone was expecting but some people definitely were expecting it. Trump has stated that he feels that both parties, left and right side, are just as guilty for the incident. Trump stated he did not want to assume anything with hate groups because he didn’t “know all the facts.” Trump said that he feels that this riot in Charlottesville was caused by “many sides” of the groups. Which in most people’s eyes it seemed as if he was taking side with the 20 year old man that ploughed his car into the protestors, due to his political party.

There really was not a happy side after Donald Trump spoke his mind to the public. Democrats and Republicans were all very upset with the way President Trump went about addressing the issue. While trump felt that it was caused by both sides of the white nationalist and the more conservative side neither of these groups felt that way in any way. They both were more upset at Trump due to his response than to be upset with one another after the riot. He is mainly getting bashed for not calling out the white supremacists the way they feel he needed to. People feel that Trump does not handle any kind of violence harming to the people of America like he should because that is the one topic he does not speak his mind about. It’s not a secret that Donald trump speaks his opinion about almost everything, but this is the one topic he does not enjoy to get into very much which is one reason why people from both groups are so very mad. They feel that something should happen, some sort of punishment no matter the side. When Donald Trump doesn’t fully stand his ground for one side it makes people begin to think he is being a wishy washy president and not confident in what he is doing which then will make people doubt him.



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