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Checkpoint: Origins of Life

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Essay Preview: Checkpoint: Origins of Life

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CheckPoint: Origins of Life

Being a religious person this checkpoint/essay is in conflict with my beliefs. I cannot give an honest evaluation on a scientific theory of how life began. I do believe in evolution, but I cannot give an unbiased evaluation on the origin of life.

Scientists have only their theories without proof of how life began. The way I look upon the origin of life and the theories of science is God created everything and science has been trying to undermine the Bible for years, such as Satan has tried to undermine God since the beginning of time. In the research I have been doing for the past several days on the "origins of life" both from a religious aspect and scientific aspect, scientists still have only theory to how life began. Scientists still cannot disprove the aspects of the Bible and God creating the Earth and all life. The scientists still have only theory of how life began without evidence or proof.

Over time evolution has changed many organisms, yet scientists have no evidence of how life truly began. Experiments have been done to prove evolution as it has changed or adapted over the years. A theory is not evidence to prove or disprove "origins of life". After several days of research and questions, there is no proof of how life began from a scientific view, only theory and speculation. There are many experiments on the evolution of life and the changes of how every living thing adapts to the ever changing earth and environment.

After reading and rereading the text and following all the research websites, there is no evidence to how the origin of life began, only theory in the mind of scientists. Though many scientists believe the different theories of how life began and there is evidence of evolution, but no actual proof or evidence that the origin of life is more than just theory. Possible over time the scientists theories can be proven or disproven, the Bible may be proven to be truth or theory, but right now scientists do not have evidence to prove or disprove the origin of life and how it began. The scientists do not have proof or have they been able to disprove the Bible is not the origin of life. They have theory about the origin of life and how it started without evidence, only theory.

Research Sources:

Bioinquiry (text) Chapter Nine



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