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Child Survival in the Wilderness Education

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Essay Preview: Child Survival in the Wilderness Education

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I chose the topic, " Child Survival in the Wilderness Education" because I wanted to learn more about how a child can survive in the wilderness. Additionally I wanted to learn these survival techniques because I have a niece and a nephew at home. I wanted to be educated enough in this topic so I could teach my niece and nephew all the safety and survival techniques. Also, my niece and nephew go camping frequently with my family and I thought it would be a good idea to be able to teach them these techniques just in case they both get lost in the woods. I feel that this topic is something everyone should educate themselves on, even adults. That way adults can teach other children, and also know for themselves these specific skills because you never know when you may need them, or you never know when you may get lost in the woods yourself.

Moreover, this topic covered many survival techniques that every child should know. This topic discussed when children run away or get lost they may get scared or be scared to answer to a parent calling to them for the reasons of getting in trouble. The article stated that this is why parents need to reassure their child that if they do run away they will not get punished, and that it is always safe to come home. Secondly, This article listed various ways on how to make an emergency survival kit using basic items you can find anywhere in the house or outside. This article also listed the nine rules for survival in order to prepare yourself and your child. This was very educational because it teaches children to stay together if they get lost with another child, to stay in one spot, how to stay warm, what not to eat, and much more.

The most interesting part of this article that I read was when it taught children what to do if they see a helicopter. I found this interesting because I always thought if you do see a helicopter you wave your hands horizontally or build a fire for attraction. This article teaches you that if you do that then it is more difficult for the helicopter to pin point where you are. Instead I learned from this article that you should lay down on the ground and move your arms and legs as if you are making a snow angel. This was very fascinating since you never see people do this in movies, so I felt I learned something new. Overall this article was very interesting to read and improved my education on how to survive. Now I will be able to pass these skills on to my family and friends.



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