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Chocolate in Cote D'ivoire

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Essay Preview: Chocolate in Cote D'ivoire

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Would our lives be that different without as much chocolate? Is it worth all the damage it causes? Chocolate has been around since the 1800’s and has caused many issues since. Forests are being destroyed just to be able to make chocolate that isn’t even improving the Côte d’Ivoire economy by much. After the two wars, 3-5 years worth of cocoa beans had to be regrown which will have a decent cost and will disrupt the economy. Therefore, chocolate isn’t beneficial for the Ivory Coast because of the dangerous child labor, and the Environmental harm it causes.

Child Labor is a major consequence of having cocoa farms on the Ivory Coast. In document E it says, “Every strike of the machete has the potential to slice a child's flesh.” This shows that since the children working on cocoa farms are hazardous. The Ivory Coast isn’t the wealthiest place either, so some kids might not get much food and giving them machetes and chainsaws don’t sound like the smartest thing on top of hunger. Also, “the majority of children have scars on their hands, arms, legs, and shoulders from the machetes.” This shows that children are getting cut regularly which could lead to even worse health issues. If this continues it could lead to death and it only pays 50¢. Is a child's life really worth that extra 50¢?

Environmental damage is also an issue with cocoa farming in the Ivory Coast. “A substantial portion of Ivory Coast protected forests have been chopped down over the past few years to make room for illegal cocoa farms.” This shows that the Ivory Coast is ruining their forests to do something illegal. Also, “Several species have become critically endangered. One may now be extinct." Animals like chimps and monkeys are now endangered because their homes are being cut down. As delicious as chocolate is, it's not worth animals lives. This shows that animals are dying for these illegal farms.

Clearly, chocolate isn't good for the ivory coast because of child labor and the amount of environmental damage it causes. The dangerous weapons children use to cut down trees are doing more harm than good, by injuring children and demolishing animals homes. Chocolate can be grown in other wealthier, and more spacious places that have the room for it and aren’t putting children and animals/the environment in danger.



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