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Innovation in Food Industry; Cargill offering New Specialty Chocolate Paste

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Essay Preview: Innovation in Food Industry; Cargill offering New Specialty Chocolate Paste

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Innovation in Food Industry; Cargill offering new Specialty Chocolate Paste

The most crucial issue in food sector is demand and market opportunities which play an important role in stimulating product innovation. Investment by Cargill's cocoa and chocolate business has boosted Cargill's chocolate capabilities in speciality tastes. Three new chocolate tastes are the first fruits of this investment: chocolate with mocha (coffee) paste, chocolate with hazelnut paste, and an authentic Gianduja (hazelnut) chocolate, and are produced using two new processes developed by Cargill. Cargill is an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services.

The key issue in Cargill scenario is they are really making incremental changes in the existing product (chocolate paste) by innovate the flavour of their chocolate paste through both incremental and breakthrough innovation. The demand of chocolate paste with mocha flavour in the industry is rapidly increased, however, most of the chocolate manufacturer has difficulties to create chocolate with strong flavour. This incremental innovation is really succeeded whereby it has boosted the Cargill's chocolate capabilities in specialty taste.

Instead of innovating the new chocolate process that allows flavour to be fully homogenized in the chocolate, Cargill also taking this opportunity to create new flavour of chocolate other than mocha flavour. This breakthrough taste in chocolate is really unique product which Cargill is the pioneer to develop this product in chocolate industry. Here, in chocolate and confectionary industry, there is no other chocolate manufacturer can produces chocolate with hazelnut paste and premium hazelnut chocolate paste known as Gianduja except Cargill.

As a conclusion, demand is taking major roles in food industry innovation because only demand can contribute to the technological change and innovation.



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