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Classic Airlines

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Classic Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the world. the company commands a fleets of more than 575 jets and serve more than 300 cities with over 2,500 daily flights. Classic Airlines has employed over 35,000 employees in the last 25 years.

Classic Airlines is facing many problems trying to stay competitive and profitable in today market. Many of it loyal customers are leaving the airline for reasons the airline is aware but have not solved the issue. The morale among employees is at the lowest since inception of the airline. Another problem the airline face is high cost of fuel. The fuel price continue to increase which leave less funds for marketing the airlines. Employees and management have problem agreeing on simple matters and the work is not being done. Customers complaint are not being solved due to management have instruct the employees to limit their time on the phone with customers. Classic Airlines incorporated a new program CAM, that is not customer user friendly and employees have problems with the system. The company as a whole is not working together to solve problems that has been identified through the operation.

Classic Airlines has problems to solved to be efficient when it started operation over 25 years ago. These problems can be solved if management will listen to employees, customers. The management must take a keen interest in solving the problems or the airline will continue to decline in sales, customers, and employees will continue to have low morale.



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