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Climate Crises

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The Climate Crisis is the continuous increase of the earth's temperature since the beginning of the twentieth century. There are a lot of controversies concerning the climate crisis. Some people say that it's a human caused disaster and we should try to stop it from taking place. Others say that the climate change is natural and humans are not o blame. Humans are not the causes of the Climate crises because there were periods in history where there was a low amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but still the temperature was higher than it is today. (The great global warming swindle.), Human made carbon dioxide is not the main source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the layer of the atmosphere where the green house gases are have lower temperatures.

Instead of the belief that the temperature is getting higher because of the rising CO2 levels, the CO2 are actually rising because of the increasing temperature. While the defenders of global warming believe that Global warming is caused by the rising levels of carbon dioxide and that because humans burn more fossils and oil and release more carbon dioxide into the air, we are in result causing the earth's temperature to increase. The truth is that as the temperature increases, the level of carbon dioxide also increases instead of it being the other way around. The earth is not getting hotter because the carbon dioxide levels are increasing; the carbon dioxide levels are increasing because the temperature is increasing. The defenders of global warming might also say that there have been studies that show that the sun has decreased in heat since the 1960s but yet, the earth continues to get warmer. There is no other explanation except that it's the Green house gases causing the heating ( The case actually is that there have been two instances in earth's history that the temperatures have been higher than it is today and there was no technology or factories that could burn fuels. These two periods are called the medieval warm period during the 1500 and Holocene Maximum in 6000BC. (the great global warming swindle). The Earth's Temperature is something we can't control so humans can't possibly be the reason for the Climate Crisis.

Many argue that the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are really high because of the smoke coming from the factories, cars, and burned fossils and foils. Also, global warming is caused by the emission of green house gases and CO2 is one of the green house gases. Others would try defending their point by using the fact that 72% of the totally emitted greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), 18% Methane and 9% Nitrous oxide (NO), and thus claiming that Carbon dioxide emissions are the most important cause of global warming. ( But in actuality, the



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