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Cmgt 442 - Security Monitoring Activities

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Security Monitoring Activities


June 25, 2012


To be a successful business, a company must either do or have something unique or better than the competition. If successful, then others will want to obtain the knowledge to be even better. All the security in the world will not prevent this if implemented in the wrong areas. By incorporating security monitoring activities, a business would be able to determine the appropriate areas to implement security without breaking the bank. Also, find new threats and risks to continue to safeguard their secrets. Security monitoring and measuring needs to be incorporated into the business's IT department and e-commerce applications.

Security Monitoring Activities

Conducting security monitoring activities is about avoiding an attacks and reacting to possible threats. By taking some preventative steps, businesses can prevent minor risks from becoming large and expensive problems. The security monitoring system should be incorporated into the IT department's daily duties and require to be implemented internally and externally. To begin a company must first determine what potential risks they may have. For the business to operate in a secure system, listing the possible risks must be a consideration made by the business. "Security monitoring helps to ensure both integrity and confidentiality for sensitive information. Security monitoring also serves as a way for IT administrators to be held personally accountable for quality and securing an organization's financial assets" (Rudolfsky).

Internal IT

Internal IT contains tasks within a business, for example; budget, accounting, inventory monitoring, payroll, human resources, and personnel management. These internal constructs will continually grow and increase revenue along with the possible risks that will also be growing. The possible risks and problems require the most critical attention and monitoring systems to pledge a secure environment within the business. System admins need to work with the IT department to guarantee a successful security monitoring process. The steps needed to secure a safe internal network include:

* Define the precise areas within the business that require the most stringent security measures.

* Constantly by discovering new ways to prevent and stop crucial risks and problems

* Devise a plan and policy to deal with specific security threats

* Monitor that the security plan and policy that was implemented

* Continually assess and monitor all security measures and effectiveness on the possible threats and risks.


Online applications, which involve marketing strategies and internet sales, continue to grow. With technological



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