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Cold War Conflicts (united States and Soviet Union)

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Essay Preview: Cold War Conflicts (united States and Soviet Union)

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United states vs soviet union (cold war):

Throughout the process of the infamous world war two, the United States and the Soviet Union were two "allied" forces that shared mutual safeties, however disputing the association of partnering up with an enemy to defeat a common enemy; that later ignited and increased many suspicions and tensions between the two belligerent nations. The burden of stabilizing a world dominant figure among other world superpowers created repulsion between the two nations and a new uprising of postwar conflicts. Thus contributing to the numerous events from 1941 to 1949 that lead to the begging of the conceptual Cold War.

Great disgust and a type of nationalism centrality shaped an evident development of a false alliance. Compatible to the statement of Senator Truman made in a newspaper report, it was highly notified that the betrayal of the Soviet Union was an upset to a statement made by Prime Minister Churchill regarding the question of decent Poland. According the soviet minister Molotov broadcasting a speech it was expressed that the United States and Great Britain violated the democratic principles of the Soviet Union and so furthermore look to seem as if they did not collaborated with them anymore. The dishonest relationships between the nations come to show an intense clash between the involved.

(Documents A, C)

The philosophy of capitalism and communism is one of the protruding and significant motives of the cold war. The ambitions of democracy and freedom from the United States threatened a detested ideology that the Soviet Union so prolonged to withhold; believing that philosophical values were dominant over capitalist beliefs. The injection of communism in neighboring countries like china more pushed the United States to take quick action with maneuvers like manifestos. To furthermore push the conflicts the creation of atomic weaponry came to show a symbol of power and wealth, that then even moreover impulse them both for more supremacy over each other and a remedy making militarism.

(Documents D, G, B, and a little H)

In result we see that the time period of 1941-1949 undertook various amounts of stressful and terrifying encounters between these both nations. The lust for becoming the world's top superpower overpowered them both to come to the brink of war. As they fought for dominant worldviews they sought to merely destroy each other politically, Overall contributing them both to the creation of the scandalous cold war.



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