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Collection of Horror Books

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Individual Assignment DBM/260

Vanessa Major

University of Phoenix

June 6, 2011

Below is a collection of horror books that have been in storage for years. The owner would like to have a database created that would categorize the collections by author, whether or not its hard or soft cover and which books were made into movies is also desired.

Stephen King


Pet Cemetery


The Talismen



Dean Koontz

The Watcher

Demon Seed



Night Shyamalan

The Sixth Sense


The Village

The Lady in the Water

This database will be supported through the use of Microsoft Access. Access is found on Microsoft Office 2010 for this productivity suite to run successfully the following application requirements must be implemented. Ensuring the operating system is in fact WIndows XP, processor speed runs at 500MHZ, a hard disk space of 3 GB and Ram of 256MB are the basic requirements for this database to run smoothly.

Now that the a basic outline of the data has been developed the next step is to determine how these entities are related. Another consideration that will be determined later is to define what type of reports will be queried using this database. The entities that will be tracked in the object model are the title of books owned and author, if the copy is hard cover and which stories have been made into feature length movies. Each author table will have a primary key of the author's last name which feeds into a bridge table using a one to many relationship. The hardcover books table has a primary key called IDHcover which also feeds into the bridge table using a one to many relationship. The movie table has a primary key of IDMovie and also feeds to the bridge table with a one to many relationship.

Please find attached to this submission a data model for the entities and their relationships.



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