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Communicable Disease

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Communicable Disease: Influenza

Communicable diseases are infectious and can be transmitted from one individual to another. Transmission of such diseases heavily relies upon fluid exchange, contaminated substances, and close contact with the one who carries the disease. The following paper enlightens the reader about Influenza that has the ability to transmit from one person to another.

Influenza is commonly known as flu that affects children more than adults. Seasonal flu is a viral illness of lungs, throat, and nose. The influenza virus spreads quickly from one individual to another that can lead to serious repercussions and even death. Flu is transmitted from one individual to another by droplets that are released in the environment when sneezed or coughed. The droplets are infected with the virus that causes flu; therefore, those who come in contact with a patient are prone to catch flu from the environment. Infected patients can also transmit this disease through shared usage of their utensils or food. The symptoms of influenza include fever, muscle ache, and tiredness. Usually the symptoms of flu are confused with common cold; however, it is important to mention here that symptoms of flu are more severe than common cold. Although, the symptoms of illness may fade away after 5 days, but few of the symptoms such as weakness and cough persists stay for a longer period. All symptoms seem to fade away within a week's time; however, it is important to take the illness on a serious note for it can be life threatening if it is not controlled within a valid time as it can lead to other diseases and complications like pneumonia (State of West Verginia, 2013).

Environmental Factors that lead to Flu: Controlling Strategies

Individuals who are either very young or very old are prone to flu. Millions of cases in the United States indicate that children in the age bracket of 7 to 12 fall prey to flu. Similarly, the elderly group seems to conceive flu, as well. Both group categories catch flu due to weak immune systems. However, the risk factor decreases among children as their immune system is immature, which becomes stronger against such illness. In order to keep away from catching flu, it is important that these two group categories should maintain a healthy diet that will keep their immune system strong. Food that is rich in Vitamin C, E, and Beta Carotene helps to keep the immune system strong (University of MaryLand Health Center, 2013).

Many pollutants, which are present in air such as cigarettes, toxic fumes, and industrial smoke cause damage to cilia that keeps airways clean from pollutants. Moreover, parental smoking increases the risk among children to develop respiratory illnesses. In order to prevent the weakening of the respiratory system, it must be realized that smoking is injurious to health. However, if a person smokes cigarettes then it should be inhaled in the absence of small children. Moreover, while in public places where there is a high level of pollution people must use masks that will prevent them from inhaling pollutants (University of MaryLand Health Center, 2013).

Individuals with a weak or damaged immune system are susceptible to such illness. Especially those patients who are suffering from HIV, kidney failures, and other life threatening long-term illnesses become prone to flu. Moreover, certain genetic disorders also make individuals prone to respiratory illness. Therefore, in order to avoid flu it is necessary for individuals to take precautionary measures and they shall be aware of their medical history (University of MaryLand Health Center, 2013).

Existing literature suggests that despite healthy life style, many people fall prey to flu due to excessive stress. Although, it



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