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Communication and Thinking in Extended Learning

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Communication and thinking are all in the process of human labor. Thanks to labor, people separate from the animal kingdom and form thinking and communicating. Thinking and communication are closely related because they are the premise, condition of birth, existence, and development of each other.

Communication is a system of material signals that carry a sense of content. Without this system of signals, consciousness in general and thinking in particular can not exist and manifest. Communication is the material shell of the thinking, the direct reality of thought, without communication, human beings can not be conscious. Communication is the material form of the forms and rules of thought. Human can not think without communication. Communication is the tool of thinking. Through communication, human beings can be generalizable, abstract, can think, separate from sentient things. On the other hand, thinking is not a purely personal phenomenon but a social phenomenon, so if there is no means of social communication, consciousness and thinking can not be formed and developed.

Joe Cote from Southern New Hampshire University mentions the importance of thinking and communication in education. "Many colleges and universities offer general education degree programs that focus on strengthening skills like critical thinking and communication while through courses like English composition, quantitative reasoning, history and natural science. While these courses lead to a bachelor's degree in general studies, they can also help you develop a broad base of soft skills and may offer concentrations in more specific areas, including business, psychology, creative writing and more. You'll notice a general education component to every degree program, required courses that provide a well-rounded overall experience and allow graduates to develop soft skills as well as hone in on courses pertinent to a specific area of focus." (Cote. J)

The ability to think seriously, reason through a problem, and develop an important argument or explanation for all types of everyday communication. Problems of communication are based on the inability to think critically about a situation and recognize it from different perspectives. Communication and critical thinking are linked in this way because those who are able to solve problems and consider other perspectives tend to become better communicators than do not. “In some situations, critical thinking ability improves communication in an indirect way. Someone who is interested in a certain topic, for instance, and has the ability to think and form questions about what he or she still needs to learn, will likely take steps to gain this knowledge. Increased knowledge and wisdom will always be beneficial in different types of communications with others.” (Wisegreek)

Thus, communicating and thinking is closely linked and intersecting. The development of thinking and communication is very important to everyone.


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