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Comparing Viewpoints 9/11 Incident

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Essay Preview: Comparing Viewpoints 9/11 Incident

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Comparing Viewpoints

It all started with a 9-11 call, notifying that two African American males appeared to be breaking into a house. Officer Crowley, who responded to the call, decided to act immediately, he got there and saw professor Gates inside the house. He asked him to step out because he was investigating a brake in, but he refused saying "Why just because I am a black man in America?" He also told him repeatedly that he didn't know who he was messing with; he stepped out of the house but didn't stop yelling at him, he told him to calm down, or he would be arrested for inadequate conduct, he refused to do as he was told and was arrested.

President Barack Obama made a comment about this matter, but he just fired it up by saying that the officer had acted stupidly. On the other hand, people just took it too personal, thinking that they were living in the past where racism was at the top of its pick. The officer wasn't doing anything wrong, he was just doing his job, he had to do what he was trained for, and professor Gates acted superciliously. Professor Gates should've done what the sergeant was telling him to do, that way they would've come to a better ending.

People have different beliefs and opinions, so for this reason there is a big controversy, many people are dismayed and many are happy, but in the end," who wins?" There are people over whom there is no concern, they never anger, never incite, and never raise a question or comment, whose sheer brilliance strikes into the hearts of their enemies. These are the ones we cannot help but feel deeply about, and when the evidence continues to pile up, even the biggest critics can't deny the insurmountable truth.

I am dismayed about this, because instead of helping each other we just try to think about ourselves and not about the others. People are immature about racism they interpret any arrest as a racist arrest; we need to see whose fault is it and then make inferences. We can fight as much as we want, go to court, or whatever we want, but in the end there is going to be more fighting because there are always different points of view. Unfortunately we just don't understand, and as I said earlier, "who wins in the end?"



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