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Computer Information System Brief

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Computer Information System Brief

Upon request from the management of Kudler Fine Foods, this brief addresses inquiries in regard to effectively integrating technology into the company's business operations and approving its accounting operations. This brief initially identifies Kudler's key business and accounting information needs. Through analysis conducted by the accounting department, this brief displays the strengths and weaknesses of Kudler's current computer system and technology use to include hardware and software. This brief displays the opportunities in technology can experience and suggestive ways of improving the ability to maximize the mentioned opportunities. This brief also displays the results from an evaluation on the threats Kudler encountered with their current systems and suggestive ways in making use of their current systems.

Key Business and Accounting Information Needs

Kudler's existence stems from the capability to provide customers with an exquisite selection of specialty foods and domestic and imported wines and spirits (Apollo Group, 2011). With three locations in full operation, Kudler's business and accounting information processes are in need of changes. Maintaining a business is no easy task and requires continual strategic planning. Kudler has not had a strategic plan in motion since 2004. Because of this many areas within the company lacks future advancement. Based on Kudler's marketing overview, the company is in need of a way to improve operations efficiency and increasing the purchase cycle of the customers (Apollo Group, 2011). For example, to operate effectively Kudler needs the capability to manage their ordering process because with this their revenues generate. To maintain accuracy in the inventory, purchases, and sales of their products, an accounting information system must be in place to manage areas such as, inventory management; customer and sales management; revenue management; employees and payroll, and data security. These areas, and many others, are pertinent in the operations of a business.

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Threats of Current Computer System and Technology Use

For business operation and accounting purposes Kudler currently uses Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS) in which modules are set up to assist in general ledgers; account payable; point-of-sales; bank reconciliation; asset management and accounting, and security. According the Kudler this system is thorough, is operating in all three locations, and receives yearly maintenance through Smith Consulting. One strength in using this system is that it is scalable meaning that there is room for expansion that becomes convenient because Kudler looks to develop the company's ventures in the future. The strength to using this system involves its embedded security features such as passwords, limited access features, and required approvals from Kathy Kudler for any cash or check disbursements exceeding $1,000 (Apollo Group, 2012). Unfortunately, there are weaknesses to this system. For example, the finance and accounting systems does not have any written policies nor does the embedded security.

Kudler also currently uses Microsoft Access databases that manages information in regard to customers; forecasting; inventory items; orders and order lines; suppliers; stores; tax tables, and tenders. MicroSoft Access stores the information in tables, allowing Kathy Kudler to generate data entry forms into reports. The strength in using this type of database is that the program can be set up to allow or prevent unauthorized users from entering certain information (OpenGate Software, 2012). Another strength in using this type of database is that the information becomes stored in one location in which related information can connect, such as a preferred customer's frequent order. MicroSoft Access also has a high productivity level, meaning that if there is a change in a customer's order, the change will reflect in other information connected with that order.

Although MicroSoft Access may be of a bit convenience, the application does have its weaknesses. For example, when storing sensitive data such as financial needs or employment data, warrants a more extensive database security and MicroSoft Access does not offer. There are also the inconsistencies of limited Internet access simply because Access is "...more suited for web-based solutions when the number of users is small" (SQL Programmers, 2012, para. 6). Kudler also has a limited number of managers per store locations and because Kathy Kudler handles much of the business such as ordering, inventory, and all major business issues



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