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Conduct Marketing Audit

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conduct a marketing Audit

Table of Contents

Executive Summary:        4

Assessment 1        5

1. Marketing audit:        5

A. Purpose of marketing audit:        5

B. Scope of the marketing audit:        5

C. conducts of the audit:        6

D. required audit participants and expected involvement        6

E. describes marketing audit needs:        7

F. format of audit and the elements of the format:        8

G. Main elements are:        8

Assessment 2:        9

1. Make a short description for preparing for the marketing audit:        9

a. There are different characteristics which is considered I am conducting external audit. These factors to get idea about that really matters which have impact on business activity, those factors are:        9

B. The qualitative and quantitative factors which is used for external marketing audit are:        9

C. Criteria which is used in the internal audit are:        10

D. functional efficiency of the internal interface:        10

E. Marketing information and planning and control:        11

F. Marketing productivity:        11

2.  Numerical description:        12

Assessment 3:        12

1. Marketing plan:        12

2. Marketing Strategy        12

3. Recommendation:        14

Assessment 4:        15

1. The elements of the marketing process planning:        15

2. The impact of government rules and regulation on marketing audit:        15

3. Differences among the business plan and the marketing plan:        15

4. Primary data collection technique        15

5. Two form of marketing audit        16

6. The purpose of the marketing audit        16

8. Describe the three major elements of the marketing audit        16

9. How the environmental factors affect business and what are the difference among the micro and macro        17

10. External environmental factors        17

11. Describe the SWOT analysis for internal audit        17

Executive Summary:

Organization conducts audit which helps to understand different situation and the performance of the business in different kind of situation and consequences. So this can be described that organization conduct audit for understanding the changes and the impact of the changes in the overall activity.  Success of an organization is dependent on the proper implementation of the plans and strategy; audit helps to do this accurately. This report has contained a detail discussion about the audit and some factors which is associated with the audit. Sator is Pasta restaurant and it believes in innovation and differentiation. This report has contained detail discussion on which factors it gives concentration during making the plans and how they conducts audit.  

Assessment 1

1. Marketing audit:

A. Purpose of marketing audit:

Marketing audit is organization conduct a research for understanding the market trends which can help to make the right plans. Audit also helps to get idea about the micro and macro environmental factors which have huge impact on the overall operation of business. That’s why management should consider these factors before making plan so that they can ensure most appropriate plans. Audit helps to successfully make new marketing plans and strategies for the operational activity.

The environmental factors that Sarto have faced that the market competition, the number of chain shops has been increased and most of the people prefer take-away option. Consumer’s behavior has been changed a lot and this is a problem as Sarto need to bring change in the plan.

Micro factors which have impact on the sale of Sarto are the ration of retired people has increased compared to the working people. This is definitely a big problem as people's spending capability has been changed and they always look for healthy foods. People become more health conscious so low fat foods are their first requirements. Technology has impact on the business as online selling facility and online shopping has become a challenge for much business as they need to adapt changes.

B. Scope of the marketing audit:

Marketing audit can create huge scope for the business by ensuring that the overall business activity is going on effectively. The scope of the business depends on the type of the business.

Marketing audit contains some of the scopes which are:

  • Marketing environment audit
  • Marketing strategy audit
  • Marketing organization audit
  • Marketing systems audit
  • Marketing productivity audit
  • Marketing functions audit

Sarto’s Gourmet Pasta is their best selling products and this has something special that people like their flavour the most. So keeping this competency, they need to understand the changes in the market and the strategies that competitors are applying for ensuring a better position.

C. conducts of the audit:

Audit is conducted independently by an department, organization should have a special team who have the capability to conduct the audit effectively. Audit department should collect important information which can help to make right plan and managing the overall activity most effectively.



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