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Consumer Analysis for Heineken Campaign

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Essay Preview: Consumer Analysis for Heineken Campaign

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America's tastes and expectations have changed when it comes to beer. Where 20 years ago, a beer was a beer, now consumers have come to expect more from their beer. This is true in both the marketing and branding of their beer of choice, but also the beer's caloric makeup. These consumer pressures gave birth to a new beer segment, light beer. Heineken recognized the changing consumer tastes, and in 2005 launched its highly anticipated Heineken Premium Light.

Heineken didn't just enter the light beer segment, it went one step further and created its own, the Premium Light Beer. Beers that fit this category must be both light in calories, and high in class.

Target Audience :

The primary target is income generating consumers of 21 to 36 year old men and women. This demographic is less price sensitive than the average domestic beer consumer but slightly more price sensitive than the higher income wine drinkers. Heineken Premium Light is also aimed at the image conscious crowd in an effort to redefine the modern beer drinker. This socially conscious target audience values taste, consistency and is very brand conscious.

Social and personal image is an important part of this market segment, as is evidenced by the fact that more than half of U.S. beer drinkers prefer light beer.

Given Heineken Premium Light's low carbohydrate and low calorie attributes, this beer will be a good fit for weight and image conscious consumers. A secondary target is the weight and image conscious mature upper-middle class who might see a rejuvenation effect by associating with this new hip and healthier beer.



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