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Consumer Behaviour - Changing Consumer Perception of Bud Riley's

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Essay Preview: Consumer Behaviour - Changing Consumer Perception of Bud Riley's

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With the old newspaper add riley's perception was that it is just another store that is outdated. It doesn't look attractive at all as the newspaper ad's were very hard to read. The newspaper ad's made use of Godzilla and zorro that were history and it gave an impression to the viewers that it is an old fashioned store with no excitement and also as it is given in the case study the viewers perceived that there is some old cigar smoking guy named bud riley that was not attracting customers and was not competitive at all, also the ad was so conjusted with a lot of featured items that the viewers were not able to read properly and due to all this the viewer would definitely not prefer to go to that respective store whose add looked so cheap and un attractive because sam and dave were already trying to make the brand look attractive, trendy and modern so the look of old newspaper advertisement did not match.

When Chris changed the look of the newspaper ad's with eliminating the use of Godzilla and zorro and minimizing the use of items showing more space it looked more sophisticated to the customers and it would have a more tasteful appearance. The viewers now would perceive the store in a very different way. In this particular ad the viewers would feel that the store is well organized, it is up to date, it has a sense of a little change in a particular advertisement provides a motive to the viewer to at least see what change has occurred in that advertisement. Also at a certain point of time people get bored to see same advertisements again and again People would now like to at least visit this store if not buy any product because with the perception the behavior of the customer would also change. Unlike with the previous ad now the riley's would have some amount of recognition in the eyes of the ad viewers.

The ad's would give a slight push to the riley's new marketing strategy. People generally tend to perceive things they need to see in an ad the greater the absence of the motives the greater is the tendency to avoid that ad but after the ad was change there was a motive for the viewers in that ad and that change went well for Riley's store.


The further invention of a new "WATCHDOG" campaign also helped to attract more customers. With the start of this campaign the customers were able to relate and associate the brand name with the trust factor. A good newspaper advertisement is the thing that every good store can give but riley's has to provide what the customer expects because people will perceive the store according to their own expectations. The creative theme of watch dog was such that people were able to relate their trust factor with the brand. They know perceive that they can rely on the products of Riley's and they will be treated well whenever they visit the store. Customers were also able to differentiate riley's from the other players like circuit city. With more use of the dog in every promotion provided a sense of brand recall also. Thus the customers would definitely go and buy products from a brand that promotes on the basis of building trust.


Trone advertisement was known for it's unique, catchy and as the author says sassy advertisements. Through attractive and catchy headlines they were able to draw attention of the customers towards their advertisement. This also changed the behavior of the customer towards the brand. Attractive ad makes a brand attractive in the eyes of customers and then they start buying products from the particular store.

Ans. 4

The Riley's conducted two focused groups in order to understand the market better. They conducted focus groups were met in stores on Saturday's. The participants had following characteristics- 25-49 years old, minimum income on $25 billion for singles and $30000 billion for couples. Only those people were taken into consideration that have purchased an electronic product or are planning to buy it. They divided the groups according to males and females.

In order to get more information they also conducted surveys. Here the respondents were screened on the basis of age and purchase of the product in the past twelve months. After having the questionnaire filled the data analysis work was given to Marketing areas research and consulting (MARC) group.


The purchase situation before Dave and Sam at Riley's was very ordinary. It was like any ordinary store trying to compete with the players. The sales personnel were not there in order to interact with the customers and to get customer insights and due to this only the popular products were offered that have already reached the later part of the lifecycle. Bud Riley's used a combined strategy of low margin/high volume and high margin/low volume. The customers at that time were only interested in coming to Bud riley's because of the reason that circuit city doesn't have new products. So the customers would have to come to the stores not because they like the brand or they appreciate it just because they had no other choice left. The situation under the store was also not distinctive as it doesn't give the customer a differentiating factor from its customers.

After Dave and Sam were employed the whole scenario of Bud Riley's changed. The name changed to just Riley's and also they appointed salesperson and providing them the polo t-shirts to differ from the circuit city. They also reinvented the old stores and also higher sales trainers to handle queries more easily. A more relaxed atmosphere was created by Riley's.

Both these situation have difference consumer purchase probability. In previous scenario the consumer probability of buying the products in less and in the second case the consumer probability will be more.

Even after the success of the change in advertisements in newspapers they both did more research on consumer habits and to obtain their insights.


Shopping is generally a socially visible behavior, frequently done while accompanied by friends or family. The importance of the social interaction achieved through shopping would suggest that social referents may affect the patronage behavior of consumers.

Yes, a salesperson is a social influence on the shopper. A salesperson works as an educator, consultant and experts that provide us with information. Sometimes the purchase decision



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