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Corruption Within Beauty - the Great Gatsby

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Essay Preview: Corruption Within Beauty - the Great Gatsby

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Corruption within Beauty

In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby is amazed by the beauty of Daisy. Her beauty makes Gatsby fall head over heels for her. Through characterization the author shows how corruption dwells within beauty.

Gatsby tries to impress Daisy through the whole story. He throws a big "party" hoping Daisy would go to one of them (Fitzgerald 41). It turns out that Daisy did not go to any of Gatsby's parties except the last one. At this party Gatsby talked to Daisy for the first time in years. He invited her to his house to "show her around" (89). She was really amazed by his house. Gatsby then pulled out his shirts and threw "them, one by one, before [them], shirts of sheer linen and silk" to show her that he had money (92). He knows that if she thinks he has money she will be very interested in him. He also knows she does not love the person but the money the person has. They both start to feel emotions for one another.

Gatsby and Daisy start spending time together and start to fall in love again. The only way that Gatsby and Daisy could spend time together is if she went to Gatsby's house. Gatsby then invited "Daisy to [go] over to [his] house" so they could have some time together without going out in public (89). They both knew if they went out in public people would start to talk. Gatsby also did not anyone in his house to start talking because "Daisy [goes] over quite often" so he fired everyone and hired new people who he knew would not talk (114). Daisy then got comfortable with having Gatsby around that she invited him over to her house while her husband was there. Daisy did not care if anyone figured out their love so she "[kissed] him on the mouth" when her husband left the room (116). There were other people inside the room when she kissed him but they did not tell anyone. Tom starts to figure out that Daisy and Gatsby are in love.

Daisy's beauty causes problem and eventually gets the man she loves killed. Tom starts to see that Daisy is inviting Gatsby everywhere. She brings him to one of her parties and Tom sees him and says he is "some big bootlegger" because he is jealous of him (107). Tom is jealous because Daisy is starting to spend more time with Gatsby then him, her own husband. Jordan sees that Tom is being a snob and tells asks him why did he "invite him to lunch" if he did not like him (122). They all go out in two separate cars, Gatsby and Daisy in one car and Jordan, Nick, and Tom in another. On the way back Gatsby let Daisy drive his car and she runs over myrtle while Tom tells Willson its Gatsby's car. Tom tells this to Willson because he wants Willson to think Gatsby killed his wife. Willson leaves "on foot" to go kill Gatsby at his house (160). When he gets to Gatsby's house he finds him in the pool and shoots him then



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