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Crash into a New Begininng

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Essay Preview: Crash into a New Begininng

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The clock continues to tick with my heart beat, as I remain restless in my seat. We were all counting down minutes, until we were finally free. We suffered 175 days of the same boring routine, just waiting on the summer breeze. The bell finally rings and then the whole class screams. The empty halls fill up with laughter and joy. The doors fly open and people spill out. Another school year comes to an end, just in time for summer break to begin!

June 2, 2010 was the day that would steal my summer and forever change my life. I remember it like it was yesterday. Not a day passes without the thoughts lingering in my head. Because of the nightmare I lived through, my life has changed. Nothing I do now is done without precautions, decisions are reconsidered, and people I know quickly turn into people I knew.

I rushed around the jammed packed halls until I find my friends. All four of us ran across the parking lot and hopped into a brand new car. I was so excited for my beginning of summer, and the end of the first month with my new girlfriend. First stop was the hangout house for all the boys. We were all talking on the car ride there until the driver popped in a CD. The music was blaring and the wheels were spinning, adrenaline was rushing and so were we.

We were flying down the street, having a great time when we pulled into the neighborhood. The system was already jamming but almost like an instinct, when the best song came on, the driver cranked it up. Without slowing down, we took a sharp turn. My stomach started to turn when the wheels screeched across the black top. I held onto my seat tight, wishing I had a seatbelt to put on. At this very moment, I closed my eyes and began to pray. But the wheels kept turning and they didn't slow down. Construction was going on at the time. Dust flew into the air and so did we.

I heard a loud crash over the blaring music. My body flies, and I hear a loud popping noise. The next thing I know, I wake up all confused. I hear the voice of the driver screaming about his car. I didn't understand until I looked up and saw what we had hit. I tried to sit up, but fell right back down. My arm felt as if it was unattached and dangling by a thread! Laying there, feeling completely lifeless my arm kept moving.

The driver sat next to the tore up car, with his hands above his head. He was screaming up insanities and crying, not concerned about me lying in the middle of the road. My other friends ran over to me to make sure I was okay. I told them about my arm. One of them tried to comfort me by tying it together. They were covered in scraps and scratches, but no one in that vehicle experienced the pain I was in. I could barely move, thinking if I was going to make it through this nightmare or not. I luckily called my girlfriend to let her know I was severely hurt and that I wouldn't see her that day. I was screaming in pain, telling her we crashed. She was so shocked, and didn't know if I was joking or not.

Minutes seemed like hours while lying on the road. I kept telling myself I was dreaming, but I couldn't wake. I looked around as much as I could. I finally realized that we had gone airborne and hit the trailer. Paramedics finally arrived, loaded me into the ambulance and assured me that I would be okay. Every bump of the car ride made the pain increase. I dosed off in the back of the ambulance and woke up in a hospital bed.

My mother was standing over top of me crying. Everything was a blur. I felt as if the room was spinning. The doctor came in and told me I had snapped my arm in two. Through all the pain I was in, the only thing I was worried about was how mad my parents were going to be. I couldn't even look my father in his eye; I thought he was so angry at



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