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Critical and Creative Thinking

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Question: What are the benefits of Creative and Critical thinking in your life as a student?


Creative and Critical Thinking is an approach gathering information in order to make inferences about a problem or a situation so as to assume responsibility for your actions and beliefs. The goal in creative and critical thinking is the collection of relevant data and assessing its accuracy in order to arrive at a justified conclusion. The process of creative and critical thinking is an ongoing one which re-evaluates ideas that seem well grounded to see if new information could changes ones thinking.

As a student learning creative and critical thinking skills will enable one to enhance academic performance and development because as you engage in analysis and critique of various ideas you are able to make connections across various professional disciplines, this enable one to appreciate knowledge as useful and applicable to daily student living with a deeper understanding of the content matter that has a longer lasting effect on the knowledge level.

            Critical thinking which is the ability to analyze the way one thinks as a student and use the same skills to present evidence for the ideas you will have analyzed. Because of Creative and Critical thinking skills one does not simply accept personal reasoning as sufficient proof. The skills pushes you to search for more information in that way you can gain numerous benefits such as better control of your own learning. This also leads you to have a feeling for other people’s points of view with a better understanding of their experiences and views thus enhancing your ability to work with different people.

Creative and Critical Thinking tool is a domain-general thinking skill. This beneficial to me as a student because it enables my ability to think clearly and rationally about issues that are relevant to my daily encounters in academics. In this way am able to develop a skillful way of systematically solving academic problems which in the end is a critical asset in any career and this is what makes creative and critical thinking important to me as a student.

Creative and Critical Thinking places the student on some scale on independence such that other than relying on lecturers and classroom time for instruction and guidance one is  self-directed to learn by being able to assess their learning styles in class, strengths and weaknesses, and allows them to take ownership of their education. Therefore at the end of the day as a student of Creative and Critical Thinking is bound by self-drive that demands of me to do extra studies on my own which is beneficial.

For any student to succeed in their studies they require that ability to think independently while at the same time display a logical way of thinking. With this as a student am able to present my assignments in any subject matter coherently and with a logical structure moreover creative and critical skills enables me to reason and present a thoughts that are well versed in theirs subject matter and in an organized and persuasive manner. Therefore a student’s life is well served with creative and critical skills.

Time saving is a virtue that is perfected by a creative and critical thinking mindset, as students there are various challenges in one’s everyday life some of which include having a lot of information during assignments which may end up confusing you. Therefore employing creative and critical thinking skills you prioritize your time and resources by only engaging and discussing information that is essential to the subject matter hence saving time. These skills also enable one to make timely and sound decisions.

Creative and critical thinking skills bring new ideas in a student’s life each day. When faced with a challenging issue in an assignment or in group work it is common practice to make assumptions that so and so will take up the challenge like a group leader for that matter. But with creative and critical skill it is incumbent on the student to remove and discard the thinking that another student will take up the group assignment. Creative and critical skills force one as a student to look beyond the conventional solutions and look for new ideas that can efficiently and effectively address the challenge without waiting to be told.

An approach to studies as a student has always been that narrow view of things. But with creative and critical thinking skills we have known that one of the crucial learning developments is an awareness of differing approaches to a problem. This coupled with the ability to assess those approaches critically rather than relying on a standard, uniform problem-solving method. Creative and critical thinking teaches a student how to identify other, often more valuable, approaches, inevitably increasing your success.

As a student learning creative and critical thinking is inclined to think rationally during critical times that call for a voice of reason. An example of this would be a situation like students’ demonstrations where you experience mass hysteria and panic in abundance. At such critical times I would take it upon myself to remain focused because my comprehensive skills would be called to task to consider all possible options available on me to solve such a crisis. This is a call only creative and critical thinkers remain relevant in the face of hopelessness. Just as Roosevelt said "We have nothing to fear but fear it."

It is a fact that effective learning requires to be productive, purposeful and intentional this can only be made possible by creative and critical thinking skills. As a student when I apply a sequence of thinking skills, I increasingly develop sophisticated understanding of the processes. This becomes handy whenever I encounter challenges or unfamiliar information and new ideas emerge in my course of study. To add on this when one develops progressive knowledge about thinking strategies you will be motivated in the management of your studies.



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