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Cultural Differences

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The aim of this report is to indication of cultural differences.


Culture is common reference points of whole peoples, and discussion of the term was often connected to national aspirations or ideals.

Some scientists such as Edward Tylor used the term "culture" to refer to a universal human capacity. Simplifying the culture can be called anything that is made by man.

Despite the fact that culture is a human attribute and hence all the communities created by the species Homo sapiens is not uniform and in different historical periods, as well as in different geographical areas of human creations, systems of norms and values were and are deviating from each other to a large extent. Social scientists are trying to classify certain types of cultures or describe specific examples of existing now or in the past, giving them specific names for the place, time, or the general type described culture.


At the present time, in the era of globalization, we can firsthand experience of cooperation and contact with people from literally all over the world, and see that the differences really are!

It is important to be aware of the differences that exist between different cultures, and they are i.e.:

* different ways of looking at things

* different ways of dressing

* different ways of expressing examine yourself

* different label in business

These differences often can cause problems with the interpretation of words, gestures, behavior of others.

For example, an ordinary handshake can be received in a variety of ways:

* In the Europe and United States - firm, short, strong handshake is interpretated as a self-confidence and masculinity. However, in the other side - limp and fine handshake can be interpreted as a sign of wimpiness and homosexuality.

* The same handshake in most parts in Africa will be interpreted differently. Limp handshake is absolutely correct way to do it, and also it should be a bit longer than in Europe and US - because extended handshake indicates there a familiarity, warmth and also sexual attrac-tion.

Below are some dimensions along which cultures vary in sections and an indication of the coun-tries that exhibit certain characteristics:


A low context culture is one in with things are fully and also concisely, briefly specified. Things are clear and there is a significant relationship between what was actually said



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