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Customer Relationship Management

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Your CRM software can break down your customer's data into 3 main sections of a business.

* Sales- Telephone sales, web sales, retail store sales and field sales.

* Service- Call centre data, web self service data and wireless data.

* Marketing- Campaign data, content and data analysis.

For Large companies operating in regional, national or worldwide it is impossible to know exactly who your customer is. Yes you might know how many times they have been to your store or what there postcode is, but to know your customer in an intimate way is often very difficult. Touch point (also referred to as a contact point) is a great tool for communicating with your customer. Telephone, email, customer service desk, conventional mail, web site, wireless device are all great ways for a firm to interact with their customer. (Laudon & Laudon, 2009)

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

SFA is all about focusing your sales efforts and productivity. This is done by focussing on your most profitable customers; these are customers that are regarded as good candidates for sales and service. SFA modules have the ability to assemble past information on a customer and send them personalised recommendations on what a business believes suit their preferences. This information can be gathered by collecting contact information, product information, product configuration capabilities, and sales quotes.

Customer Service

Customer service CRM systems focus on one to one relationship building by providing pre-existing information and essential tools for call centres. Web based self service capabilities have been on the rise, technology based services and the internet is becoming more increasingly popular within households.


Businesses that use a CRM marketing system are able to capture prospective customer and existing customer data and channel information based on your target market. Modules in marketing can source out who your profitable and unprofitable customers are. CRM tools in marketing can help businesses support marketing campaigns, events, market planning, operations and promotional marketing.



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