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Dangers of Plastic Surgery

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Essay Preview: Dangers of Plastic Surgery

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Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Justin Hu

Jun, 29th, 2011

New techniques of plastic surgery are making the procedure much safer to accomplish. But, anyone who wants to have this type of surgery should educate themselves about the possible dangers of plastic surgery.

The dangers of plastic surgery go from scarring to fatality, not to mention the effects of surgery can have physically and psychologically effects. These dangers do not occur on a regular basis, but it's crucial for people to be aware of the possible dangers of plastic surgery.

The dangers of plastic surgery will vary depending on the type of surgery performed and the individual's reaction to surgery and anesthesia. One of the most common dangers of plastic surgery is that when people consider surgery, they should be aware of is scarring. Most plastic surgeons attempt to hide incision lines in places where they can't be seen.

Some other dangers of plastic surgery are bleeding, infection, and blood clots. Patients after surgery will allow these complications to be caught early on so they can be promptly treated. A high temperature is a sign of infection, and with the ease of temperature monitoring, it should be checked every few hours.

Nerve damage is another danger of plastic surgery that people considering plastic surgery must be aware of. Some patients can experience problems moving muscles in the area where the surgery was performed or have loss of feeling in the area that was operated on after plastic surgery. In most cases this is only temporary, and sensation should soon return.

It's not just the procedure that determines the dangers of plastic surgery involved, but the health of the individual. You are more very weak to the dangers of plastic surgery if you have pre-existing health issues. If you are a smoker, a person with diabetes, has a heart condition, or has certain allergies you are more likely to experience complications that other people can avoid.

Even though every surgery is to have a positive purpose, people should still always be aware of the negatives that come along. Only this way, may people make the correct decisions before or after the surgeries.



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