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Daniel - Prophet of Faithfulness in God

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Essay Preview: Daniel - Prophet of Faithfulness in God

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Daniel is known to be a prophet of faithfulness in God. His story is found in the Old Testimate of the Bible. Daniel meaning God is my Judge. He demonstrates that anyone can have a positive impact to the world if you have faith and determination. He was captive from his land, and Daniel rose to govern his adopted country and he also changed the views of religion of three powerful kings. He understood that his God is the only God he will worship no matter what comes his way. He had faith in God, and God gave Daniel the ability to understand dreams and vision of all kind. God never let Daniel alone and Daniel always was in total communication with him.

The first act of Faith and determination in Daniel's life is (Daniel 1:8) when he decided not to compromise his faith by indulging in practices that were contrary to requirements of the Law of the Hebrews. Basically he proof that eating healthy foods like vegetables and water rather than the food from the kings table, as such ritual sacrifice. Are healthier and maintain the body stronger physically and also mentally ready. Once he proof to King Aspenaz that God is the true God. King Aspehnaz honored him and started to consult with him for further help.

The Second act was when King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream which he found very disturbing spiritually and distressing in not knowing the dream or meaning of the dream. (Daniel 2:3). The King requested that all his magicians and astrologers from across the land, demanded not only to interpret the dream, but also to give the meaning of the dream. When King Nebuchadnezzar notices that none of the wise men or magicians was trying to define the dream and was left clueless. The King commanded that all of them be put to death. When Daniel found out he started to pray to God for the answer. Eventually the dream was revealed to Daniel and Daniel thank God and praised him stating (Daniel 2:20) God is power and knowledge. So Daniel interpreted the dream and gave the meaning of the dream to the king. In response, King Nebuchadnezzar acknowledge Daniel's God to be the only true God, and Daniel was named supreme chief or administrator of all the wise men in Babylonia (Daniel 2:48).

The third act of faith is when King Nebuchadnezzar decided in making a gold statue (Daniel 3:1). In representation, respect and obedience to the King, he called all the Officials, Captains and head of all the province towns and informs them. When they hear the trumpet sound, harps and all instruments (Daniel 3:5-15) everyone would need to bow to the gold statue. Daniel's three friends refuse to bow in front of the golden statue and they were thrown into the fiery furnace to die as punishment for not obeying the law of King. When Daniel's three friends survived the flames, Kind Nebuchadnezzar again believed in Daniel's God and the King stated (Daniel 3:29) There is no God that can free you like him.

The fourth act of faith and determination happened when King Darius was tricked



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