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Databases in Companies

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Databases are all around the work place, banks and other businesses. It took some time to realize that even though the Petroleum Analyzer Company uses common use databases are used in laboratory software. Various categories of databases are described in the database structure.

A Microsoft database is defined as a single file commonly labeled a database application (Green). Database objects consists of various components such as tables, which consist of rows and columns which can be edited, copied, sorted and filtered (Green). A query is considered to sort, and summarizes data, special objects; various commands are stored on the SQL, or (structured query language). Forms are used to create a user interface in the database, using various tools can enhance the experience of powerful application (Green). Reports are generally used to print or present the data that they user wants to filter and use, such as profit margin, and statistics (Green).

Petroleum Analyzer Company utilizes databases to incorporate result data from laboratory instrumentation. With this database the user can collect, execute, and automates tests, and this data can be analyzed, accessed remotely and the ability to export the information to their laboratory information system (LIMS) (PAC). This would be considered in various components of a database, with some of the company's older software it was used as a database file, and stored in a MDB file. This next generation software utilizes SQL commands to control the software, which will help the instrumentation to run schedules (PAC). With the older software platform it was limited to ISL instrumentation which is known as ALAN suite, which uses various components such as Network Manager which configures, and transfers the data (ROFA). Run control starts and stops the instruments, and the program manager stores the programs of the analyzer (ROFA).

Databases are all around the corporate world including Petroleum Analyzer Company; much can be obtained from the data, such as reports, queries, forms. Everyone can benefit from this information in their careers, as well as their studies. Various components show different data, and can be sorted to make it easier to present the important data such as profits, or labor costs.




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