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Defend or Contradict This Statement

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Essay Preview: Defend or Contradict This Statement

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Defend or contradict this statement: Developing marketing strategy is more important than implementing marketing strategy, because if the strategy is flawed, its implementation doesn't matter.

Personally, I contradict this statement. I think implementation is more important. By the time we develop the marketing strategy, we may not realize that this marketing strategy is perfect, so if there are still some problem show up after we implement the strategy 100% efficient, we can easily evaluation and control this strategy and make it much better. On the other side, a perfect marketing strategy will become nothing if implementation is not efficient.

Here is a good example for this debate. A group of mice are discussing how to prevent the catching from cats. One smart mouse comes out an idea that put a small bell on cat's neck. In that way, when cat is nearby, mouse will hear the ring. But the problem is who can put the bell on cat's neck? So without implementation, a good idea will become nothing.

Let's see this case. I plan to market our new equipment which marketing to corporate training manager. As part of our marketing campaign, I will give a presentation in a corporate training conference to introduce our new product to those managers and CEOs in corporate training companies. I practiced with my PC and my projector yesterday to make sure my presentation works very well. However, by the time I plan to set up my computer with my project and begin my presentation, my assistant found that he left the projector in hotel, and it takes 20 minutes to get it. So what happen? Maybe I can't finish my presentation within the schedule time because of waiting for my assistant get the projector. Or I finish my presentation without using my computer, but my delivery is only 50% good as I present with my computer. Whatever happens, this terrible implementation ruined all my excellent strategy.

Therefore, implementing marketing strategy is more important than developing marketing strategy.



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