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Demonstrative Communication Paper

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In this paper I will discuss the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication. Information will also be provided to explain how demonstrative communication can be effective and ineffective, positive and negative, for the sender and receiver.

Demonstrative communication can be defined by nonverbal and written communication. Communication is a process that occurs between a sender and a receiver. Not all communication that occurs in a face to face atmosphere. Nonverbal communication occurs when one sends a text message, email, instant messages, as well as body language and facial expressions. Verbal communication occurs when one speaks face to face, a conversation over the phone, tone of voice, and vocal gestures.

Demonstrative communication is reinforcement for the sender. It allows the sender to acknowledge how the receiver is interpreting the message that is being sent. Verbal and nonverbal communication is equally important, and both play an important role in the communication process. Verbal communication reflects the way that one speaks to another person. This has to be done with precaution. There are times that our brain is registering information quicker than we can process it. This leading to: speaking without thinking first!

Nonverbal communication shares the thought process of the receiver. Facial expressions are one of the most popular nonverbal communications that we use on a daily basis. If one were to track their nonverbal communication on a daily basis, chances are that the result would show that we use more nonverbal communication than verbal communication.

Demonstrative communication can reach a positive and effective note for senders, if the sender is portraying a positive image for themselves. If the sender is trying to reach a positive and effective ground, they must first make sure that they are being respectful, dressing for the occasion, and keep a positive attitude. For example, an individual arrives at a business meeting, but his or her attire is stained and ripped. This automatically tells us that his demonstrative communication that he or she is trying to perceive will ultimately become negative.

On the other hand, if one does not have the experience needed in a field that he or she is applying for, but arrives in sophisticated attire and has a positive personality, the chances are greater that they would get the opportunity to prove themselves.

On a daily basis, individuals use demonstrative communication without even being aware of it. There are several different types of demonstrative communication; the more common ones are tattoos, hairstyles, clothing, housing, and symbols. Even though this communication can be a positive form it can also be negative. Just as gestures and facial expressions mean different things to different people, the same is for tattoos, hairstyles, clothing, housing, and symbols. These articles can become a negative communication.




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