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Did Ceasar Destrot the Romann Republic

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Essay Preview: Did Ceasar Destrot the Romann Republic

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Did Ceasar destroy the Roman Republic? Why or why not.

I do not think that Julius Ceasar destroyed the Roman Republic. He actually helped the Republic to improve its strength in both government and in military issues. When Ceasar was asked to give up his military power, not only did he refuse, but he also started a civil war by marching his troops into Rome.

When Ceasar gained power he did it by being a dictator. He quickly realized things needed to change if he was going to keep control. He increased Rome's territory to gave it back to the poor. He also increased the Senate to 900 members. By increasing the Senate to 900 member it allowed some Peblicians to have a seat on the senate. The problem that is caused was there was a lot of fighting within. They had difficulties agreeing and more times than not they couldn't agree therefore produced nothing.

Because there was fighting within the Roman Empire was a target from other countries and armies. Ceasar spent a lot of time and money trying to hold onto the territory they already had and then even tried to increase his territory along the last of his control



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