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Different Relgions

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        Christianity and Judaism are similar in their monotheistic beliefs and their hearth but differ in their place of worship.

        Christianity and Judaism are similar in their monotheistic beliefs the person is God/ Adohai. Both Christianity and Judaism have many religious sects “Christianity splits in Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox (190 APHG book).” “Judaism has many sects too including Orthodox, Conservative; Reform (189 APHG Book).” They both also have very man Holy Sites. That’s one of the reasons why they are alike.

        They have similar hearths. So Judaism was first before Christianity a long time before. So Christianity broke off from Judaism that’s why Jesus was both Jewish and Christian.  Judaism was created in the Mediterranean and diffused to Middle East to be the hearth of Middle East.

         The Holy Sites are different. Christianity holy sites are The Golgotha sometimes called Calvary: hill outside of ancient Jerusalem’s early 1st century walls that contains the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Church of All Nations, but many other Christian institutions as well. Jerusalem is believed to be the site of some of Jesus’ teaching, the Last Supper which is believed to have occurred at the Cenacle, and the subsequent institution of the Holy Eucharist as well as His entombment. Christians believe he was crucified on a nearby hill. Judaism has some different Holy Sites that are Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people since antiquity and is the holiest city in Judaism. Indeed, Jews around the world pray facing Jerusalem, Jewish grooms break a glass on their wedding day in remembrance of the destruction of Jerusalem, and during the Passover Seder, Jews pray to be “next year in Jerusalem.”  

         There are many Similarities and difference in Christianity and Judaism.



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