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Disillusionment of Professor Faust

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Essay Preview: Disillusionment of Professor Faust

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God is having to believe in his own creations in order to make a bet with Mephistopheles. I feel that God not only believes that human kind can truly over come hardship and continue to believe in God. I also think that God is trying to show Mephistopheles the light. By sending Mephistopheles to taunt Faust and Job, God still has to believe and trust both of them to still believe in him no matter what happens. I think God believed that Mephistopheles cold also see the light and begin to believe in him again and to come out of that evil, sad, and dark shell. I believe that God is slowly trying to connect with Mephistopheles' heart by purposely sending him to taunt people. When the people that Mephistopheles taunts and they still remain faithful to God. That faith, love and light might rub off on Mephistopheles and it might melt the ice around his heart that even the fires of Hell cannot do. Maybe Mephistopheles was so concerned with peoples corruption and he tried to fix it but he went off of his path. Mephistopheles is still trying to get people to be faithful and loyal to God but he does that by making humans fear him. Mephistopheles is still trying to get people to be loyal and faithful to God but just in a different way. Maybe that is why God stills talk nicely to Mephistopheles and will not give up on him.



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