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Dispute with the Gas Company

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Essay Preview: Dispute with the Gas Company

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In my town there has been reports recently of many cases of illness all through the community, which they all seem to be similar when you look at them. There have been no facts that have been established but everything seems to be going towards the process and developmental planning in the community. When it comes down to it, it seems that the gas company has played a good part in the miss-happenings of the community. When I found out that no one would speak to me about the problem that is upon us, I took it upon myself to do an investigation to see how this disaster came about and why it is happening. .

Before the community was built, a few years earlier there had been reports that there was a unfortunate accident of a gas spill in the state of Ohio, but no one ever said where the location of the spill was at. I took it upon myself to take the time out and do some research, and find the articles about the articles that were published about the gas spill. Within the reports that I had stated that the spill was outside of a inner city, but still never gave a full location of where the spill had happened. After looking at the gas companies employee directory to see if there would be anybody that I could talk to about the reports of the spill, everyone told me that the gas spill was about twenty to twenty five miles west of the town, but the spill was in fact under control. After taking the time out to look at the models for the two different community's and the inner city I found out that our community was built on land that had a previous gas spill that happened many years ago.

To get a better understanding of why the sickness throughout the community people should know that the land never had a thoroughly cleaning from the previous gas spill, which is the gas companies fault because they were not suppose to build on the land because it was infected because no one ever cleaned the land the way it was suppose to be cleaned after the spill. The land was used because it was a cheaper expense rather than spending more money to buy land which was on the other side of the city. The picked to save money rather than sacrifice of people's life's. After containing all of this information I decided that it was a right of the people of the community to know about the occurrence that had happened because it is affecting their lives too. Since the spill had happened so long chemicals have now seeped into the soil and the fumes would be what is making the people sick, so now the best idea for the community would be to clean up as much as we can to the best that everyone can now.

Together as a community everyone needs to go to the gas company so they can also be aware of what is going on. The idea of picking up the town and just moving it is a slim to none idea, so the next best thing that we can do as a community would be to clean up to the best that everyone can. It is the gas company's fault that the land is in



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