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Dont Look at This

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In the two stories that I have read so far they have multiple contrast and similarities between each other. One story is called “The devil and tom walker” while the other is called “The devil and daniel webster.” In both of these stories they both deal with people selling their souls to the devil. These are some of the comparison that I will be showing you.

The stories were similar in a few ways. They were both about poor men who sold their spirit to the fallen angel. The demon was a huge, mystery man that had the agreement marked in blood. The stories other than shared similitudes in the way that both men were ghostly after the marking of the agreement. whatever is left of the stories take totally polar headings.

The character of the fiend in each of these stories is described diversely by these two creators. For instance, in The Devil and Tom Walker, the fallen angel is depicted as being "neither Negro nor Indian," (Irving 179). Amid this time period both Africans and Indians were outsiders in the public eye. This quote demonstrates that the fiend is a greater amount of a pariah than Blacks and Indians. Then again, In The Devil and Daniel Webster, Benet portrays the demon as, "a mild-mannered sharp looking stranger"(Benet 1.) Benet's depictions of the villain make him appear to be baffling yet less scary than Irving's fallen angel. The diverse depictions of the demon make the peruser feel a specific way. Irving's depiction makes the peruser feel dreadful of the demon. Benet's depiction makes the peruser expect that the fallen angel is all the more natural and relatable. Both demons in these stories are tempting and are considerably all the more so when analyzed.

The casualties in both stories are depicted comparably, since they both discover incredible accomplishment in the wake of making the arrangement with the fallen angel. For instance, in The Devil on Tom Walker, after Tom made the arrangement with the fiend "he profited hand over hand, turned into a rich and relentless man, and lifted up his positioned cap after 'Change"(Irving 183.) Tom was a hopeless man before he made the arrangement with the Devil. Tom used to be somebody who went to an agent for cash, yet now he is the intermediary. In The villain and Daniel Webster, after Jabez Stone made the arrangement, he was "[one of] the most prosperous individuals of the county"(Benet 1.) Before he made the arrangement with the fallen angel he had misfortune. His yields were kicking the bucket and he couldn't sustain his kids. He expected to make the arrangement with the villain so he could accommodate his crew.

The Devil and Tom Walker and The Devil and Daniel Webster have numerous likenesses and contrasts. The fallen angels are depicted in an unexpected way, one being extremely unfavorable and evil, while the other is more human and plain. In spite of the fact that the fallen angels



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