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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Essay Preview: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The speech that I will be evaluating is on a very important individual who's words have touched many peoples hearts throughout the years. This man was intelligent and stupendous and his name was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the year of August 1963 he made a very popular speech known as "I have a dream" that lasted 17 minutes long. Martin Luther King's speech had indeed educated, informed and also inspired not only the people that was there but also America itself. Mr. King was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia where he dwelled the majority of his life until he grew older and began to travel. Martin had received a Bachelors Degree in 1948 from Morehouse College, an institution for blacks in Atlanta where his father also had graduated from.

In 1955, Mr. King had completed his doctorates degree from Boston University and also had met the woman of his dreams Coretta Scott who he later had two sons and two daughters with. In the year of 1957, Martin Luther King was elected president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference which was an organization to help and provide new leadership for the civil rights movements. In the evening of April 4th 1968 was a very sorrowful day for the entire nation as Dr. King while standing on the balcony of his motel room in Memphis, Tennessee where he was to lead a protest strike for garbage workers in that city, he was assassinated.

The way that Dr King had conveyed his message to his people was very

invigorating and had grabbed many peoples attention. The success of Dr. King's letter

from Birmingham is mainly the result of effective use of imagery. By using imagery,

this gives readers an image of the effect of segregation it had on the black nation, also

giving readers the idea and sensation of how this civil disobedience effected the black

people. I personally think that Mr. Kings speech was one of the greatest speech of all times because it involves informative and persuasive speech that was properly structured.

Martin's non-verbal communication had sent a vibe to the readers and listeners and increased a very high connection, perhaps his body language that also tied into his speech made it "the" most powerful speech of all time. Non-verbal communication is extremely important when you are making a speech because if you can't connect with the reader or listener then the speech is not implanted in their hearts and minds. The speaker, Martin Luther King, spoke at a very well pasted manner. He did not rush through any of his speeches nor did he go too slow. I personally liked how he paused after stating a powerful line



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