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Drug Free Workplace at Toy's R Us

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Essay Preview: Drug Free Workplace at Toy's R Us

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A Drug-Free Policy at Toys R Us

Drug addicts and drug abusers typically earn their money from working at a regular full-time job possibly Toys R Us. Although this does not make the organization responsible for one's abuse or addiction to drugs, they cannot deny that he or she may be unconsciously supporting ones drugs habit. Although implementing a drug-free workplace policy is a tough decision when one looks at the benefits to the company and the employees, it makes he or she realize implementing this kind of policy is no longer an option. Some of the benefits include saving money on worker's compensation.

A drug-free environment reduces the risk of workers making costly errors that cause them to miss time away from work because he or she was working under the influence of drugs. Since the implementation of a drug-free workplace act in 1988 and organization cannot receive federal grants, which he or she needs for necessary company projects without a drug-free policy in place. The biggest risks are the penalties a company is subject to if an incident takes place because of an employee working under the influence of drugs.

Importance of a Drug Free Workplace

Drug testing remains an important element for a safe working environment and implemented by various industries like industrial, medical, sports, and police departments. Employers may implement drug- tests during the hiring process, accidents that occur on the job and for random- screening to ensure job- safety and productive work ethic (Random drug testing, 2002).

Drugs can impair various bodily systems causing slower reactions by the employee, become involved in hostile confrontation, lose motivation and act irresponsibly, require extra help on tasks, become easily distracted, and exhibit other behaviors of substance abuse that hinder work productivity.

Drug-free programs work to prevent these types of behavior and help not only the employer and owner of the company but also protect the individual and other coworkers. Employees may use multiple types of drugs in the workplace but drug free programs offer a no tolerance policy from employers. These programs can intimidate employees enough to remain sober and drug employed at the place of business.

Prevalence of Illicit and Prescription Drug Users in Workplace

It has been proven that illicit and prescription drugs are used in the workplace. In a recent large study done on the use of illicit drug 42% of workers which are highly educated in the workforce said that they are using mood-altering prescription drugs. According to the 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, "7 million Americans were current users of psychotherapeutic drugs taken non-medically. SAMHSA's Drug Abuse Warning Network reported that of the nearly 2 million drug-related emergency department visits in 2004, over 25 percent were related to nonmedical use of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals" (Samsha, 2006) . Illicit drug use can be prevalent in the workforce in other ways too. One way is to have a family member addicted to drugs, "In a national survey of employees, more than one third said that at least one of their coworkers had been distracted, less productive, or absent from work because of alcohol or other drug addiction in their family" (Samsha, 2006) Whether it is the family struggling with these addictions or the worker themselves, it has strong effects on the productivity of the workers around that person.

Affect of Drug Abuse on Absenteeism, Accidents, Downtime, Turnover, Theft, Morale, and Productivity

Drug abuse in the workplace causes counterproductive behavior that threatens the health, productivity, and profit potential of a group or organization (Aamodt, 2010).



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