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Duck and Cover

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Duck and cover

First all I want to say this video is a laughing matter a joke I watched this allowed my children to watch this and found it is idiotic to say the least. I think this movie or short video clip had a good idea but it was not portrayed as such. In this video I understand making it appealing to children but at not one point it did it state when or where to do this. Nor in this video did it tell you how to properly shield yourself it did how ever say to "cover" but my question is with what material should you "cover" yourself? After view the homework and reading the assignment I would only know what this video was referring to.

If a person can survive a nuclear war I do not think this will save them. In my training I have be taught to plan strategically, stock up of non-perishables, stock up on water, and make sure to have some sort of communication skills, Also have a stock what medical supplies you can obtain.

Now to talk about a compare and contrast situation between todays real life threats and threats back then. I think children and adults might have lived in a small amount of fear. I think because there is still not a lot of public education out the of what would happen if there was a nuclear war people still don't know the aftermath simply because it has not happened so there is just unjustified information there is not past to base our outcome fears upon. I think the war back then was more fear full because it was around the first one of its kind it was considered a real mass casualty incident with high death tools. And it think because of the lack of education people lived in fear for their lives so they applied or though everyday normal "cover" situation would solve the problems. In today's society there is more education on the war and there is more government help and there's far better communication between government and troops and families and troops. Also people spend more time preparing for things in and out of the war and currently men and women are not forced to serve there country it is a personal choice that they have made. In today's society we base our future movement based upon past facts and so that is how government are has gotten tighter on homeland security. Like we know to plan have ems personal on standby for the "Boston marathon" because "MCI" training says that terrorist will more than likely strike large crowds of people and it list several big events aka marathons. It's the past, present, and future to help shape our movements honestly its things like "911" that made the United States a safer place and I'm not condoning it. This incident was just a hard lesson and our government has changed tremendously since then. We have more focus on NIMS and MCI and that information is open to the public to view and learn how to better prepare themselves and families and



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