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E-Sport Industry in China

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Essay Preview: E-Sport Industry in China

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In 2003, the General Administration of Sport of China announced e-Sport was classified as 99th sport. However, the development of e-Sport in that time is difficult and rugged due to the concept of e-Sport game is not widely accepted by most people and the bad network environment. Currently, e-Sport industry gains a great development as a result of frequent e-Sport match, favorable policy, high bonus, and more people's attention.

The current situation of Chinese e-Sport industry is that there have both opportunities and risks. The risk of this industry is that a game club needs to get achievement to keep the business running. To minimize the business risks, a new club general will recruit 1-5 famous professional game players or retired famous players as members of the club according to its strategy. By doing this, the club can gain certain advantages. First, the famous players bring their fans to the club, so the club will get more people's attention. Second, the club receive the famous players from other clubs, it indirectly weaken the strength of competitors. Last, the most important thing is that these famous players have more attractive to casual gamer and more chance to get achievement. Therefore the sponsors are willing to invest money to maintain the new club's operation cost at the beginning. Then the club can get a stable investment from sponsors through achieving some certain of achievement.

However, if a club still cannot get any achievement with good players in the first year, the club has to find out the problems and alter the strategy to manage the team. Because of the 5 players have different duty in the game, a good team not only need have classic players, but also need to pay attention on the teamwork. How to manage the players to make them fully cooperate with each other will be the main task for the club



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