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Ecological Problem

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Ecological Problem (environment)

The Muntu Chemical Company was founded by Dr. S Banda, owner and chief executive officer, graduate from the university in chemistry. He later received his PHD in Chemistry from one of the country's outstanding universities.

He began his career with a large manufacturing company as a chemist working on applied research, where his achievement was recognised as outstanding. However, his desire was to perform pure rather than applied research, subsequently, he left the company and with the aid of money borrowed from his father, started what is now called Muntu Chemical Company. Because of his spirit of adventure, creativity and fresh approach to complicated industrial chemical problems, his company soon became successful. Some outstanding discoveries in the field synthetics, drugs, vitamins, pesticides, insecticides, and fertilisers were patented and contributed heavily to the success of the enterprise.

Dr S. Banda has always surrounded himself with competent and respected business associates and hired the finest chemical mind available. His director of research is George Tuku a respective chemist , who is well known for his knowledge , abilities and creativity.

Dr Banda and Mr Tuku share the philosophy that no expense restriction should be put on the scientist who is engaged in pure research. The budget for the activity is generous and some scientist is performing revolutionary experiments without regards for any ultimate financial returns.

Pesticides and insecticides and their use have recently attracted wide public attention. Growing public concern over the harm which these products do to human beings, fish, and wildlife has been accentuated by a number of bestselling books on the subject. On the positive side, it is further agreed that the yield of crops is high, that the quality of the harvested product is better and that insect control is necessary for human health.

Dr Banda has made speeches and written papers saying that the problem is being blown out of proportion by popular literature and that insecticide and pesticides produced by Muntu- conform to government and company standards. He adds that to discontinue their use would endanger the health of the nation and cause a food shortage. He further contend that the real cause of harm to wildlife is misuse of the products and use of them to water and game reserves,

1. Discuss the ecological aspects of this Case

2. Is Muntu Chemical Company responsible for damaging fish and wildlife by its chemicals? If not, who is responsible?

3. Explain how economical systems work to reward those who degrade the environment and to penalise those who try to improve the environment.

4. To what extent should Dr Banda feels responsible for the effect



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