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Employee Attrition in It Companies

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Essay Preview: Employee Attrition in It Companies

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Employee attrition in IT companies

A questionnaire has been prepared to elicit responses from IT employees with diverse background and varying experience levels.

The questionnaire is proposed to be conducted through

MIS Reports are then generated from the received responses and statistical analysis performed to draw out key trends in attrition.


1. What is your age?

2. What is your skill set?

3. How many companies have you changed?

4. What is your salary per month in rupees?

5. Are you satisfied with the job now .If no why?

6. Are you ready to quit the job if you are offered to be the boss in a newly opened company?

7. Can you please give your motivations to leave the job?

8. How you describe the relationship with your boss? Are you happy?

9. Does your personal life affects your career and do you think family support is important for career growth or only your hard work will get you the result?

10.Do you agree people working more than the office hours and get a bonus sum or you think only fixed hours of time for office should be there?

12. Tell about the way you want to work in company?

13. Do you think you should be given latest technology updated software to work with or is you ready to work with whatever is provided for you?

14. Reasons for quitting your first job?

15. Would you mind working late nights/Saturdays, Sundays even if there?

16. Will you quit your company for a dream job in your interests even though there is no security in that job?

17. Do you think taking a break in job will spoil your future or affect your career or refresh yourselves to do more confidently?

18. Would you like to join another company?

19. What is your achievement after joining the company?

20. What is your ambition in the near future?



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