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English Literature - Queen Victoria

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Was developed over the centuries especially during the reign of Queen Victoria (1870 - 1091 in the twentieth century. This time step through many difficulties. In the early 19 th century the novel became the form of literature in English; The novels reflected the hard life at work, heartache, perseverance to achieve something at the end with rewards and the characters who acted bad acts like stealing and other crimes had received his punishment. In children's literature is expressed by the authors neglect and misery that was the impetus for the development of education for children and youth. The poetry and drama were works that were characterized by romance and humor. The modern literature occurred in Europe in the same period in that developed nations, the continent is modernized, the romanticism defended freedom of thought and expression

Joseph Conrad's original name was Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski. Born in Poland makes a major contribution to the literature in the Victorian period is considered one of the great modern writers, noted in his book Heart of Darkness based on his own experience in Africa when I travel to the Congo, explains in his book oppression, brutality, injustice, abuse by Europeans to the natives, the fight of white against the black man, the struggle for the conquest of Africa, the oppression of peoples and ignorance of these to the modern critics have listed this novel as racist.

William Blute prominent writer in modern literature Nobel prize winner for literature, the greatest writer of the Renaissance and the most prominent Irish twentieth century, his works were highly emphasized in the modern season which gave prominence to the modern poetry poem The Second Coming, the poem was written in 1919 at the beginning of the First World War and it uses Christian imagery of Revelation as the sphinx Blute had much imagination to write this paper was chosen as the best works of modernism. In addition to writing Blute was devoted to politics as a senator holding office over the years his writings had had more improvement that were accepted and considered the best.

In conclusion, the literature has been taking place since ancient times, in times of kings, slavery to the modern era. The great variety of works of many writers of the past have been enhanced since it wrote to date as we referred to earlier authors Conrad and Butler are two great writers who contributed to a large extent the development of literature with his exemplary work .



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