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Ethic in the Workplace

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  1. Analyze the ethical implications of the university’s plan to require that all students subsidize a site license for  Consider the plan from the perspective of the four ethical standards (rights, justice, utility, and care).  

Do all of the standards pertain?  No, but rights are meet because it concerns the individual basic need of the student. The college wants to create honest hard working students and this company will hold them to it. Justice concerns the cost and benefit of the policy, and is not meet in this case. To be able to pay for the license it will require depending on your status as a student and cost between $2-$3 a semester because the college does not have the funds to pay for it. Utility has a positive effect where it will reduce the number of plagiarized papers as a whole for the college but negatively affect the tuition by raising it each semester (Markel 9). Care is seen though the feed back of the student council many members are questioning the cost and brining up valid point on the situation. As a whole they are considering every angle and determining if it’s best as a whole.

  1. Which standards enable you to make a persuasive case for your recommended course of action?

Right’s are what enables me to make a persuasive case for recommending The college is trying to improve its credibility and produce honest, hard working students into the workforce. As students it is our right to be honest and not plagiarism but that not the case students are becoming an issue to where know colleges are having attend this issue.  Due to academic dishonesty we will most likely loose our right to choose if our papers are submitted to an online plagiarism detector. Utility also helps me make my case yes the negative effect it has is the cost. However, 2-3 dollars extra will not make much difference towards the end of you college years. One member made the comment it would by 3 cups of coffee in a year.  That is true but does the fact that your creditability from the institution that is known for producing honest student out weighs your 3 cups of coffee. I feel that it should be looked at positively where how can I benefit from this. Then do my benefits weigh out the negative side of the cost? Is this something that will help me?

Markel, Mike, and Stuart A. Selber. Technical Communication. Bedfor/St. Martins, 2018.

Reflect on your work.

  1. Were you initially in support of Provost Lingram’s proposal, or did you share the concerns of the students in the case scenario?  

Yes, I was in support of the Provost Lingram’s proposal and I did not share any of the same concerns as the other students. I thought they made some valid point but I do not agree.

  1. Did your opinion about the proposal change after you considered it from the perspective of the four ethical standards?  Why or why not?  

My opinion did not change nor find that my rights would be violated. I have never questioned the choice to upload or not upload like one of the students or the cost. I understand you are in debit but this will help you in the long run of you college experience. I have used several times throughout my college classes and never questioned what I was asked to do even though I have always written my own work. Some of the concerns they brought up I have never thought of nor would change my mind on what I was asked to do.



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